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Are you stuck, starting-up or looking to take your business to the next level? 

At every level of change, your mind goes through a wobble and you need support, new skills to support the next stage and a bloody good plan! You might need help to understand where you are going, how to get there and who to ask when you get stuck or demotivated, or doubt yourself. It happens to us all.

Would you love a Provocative NLP Coach to get your 'Mindset for Business'?

A Business Mentor who's been there, who will support you, inspire, motivate and kick your arse to make sure you bring all of your business ideas to life and actually make money and a difference.

A skills trainer who'll give you the ability you need to bring out the best business version of you?

A cheerleader, someone who showcases you, refers you and always has your back.

I’m Vivienne Joy, Founder of this Women’s Business Empowerment and Personal Transformation Movement. 

I made the movement for you, for me and thousands of other women… Doing business alone is possible; but collaborating, being supported and getting the skills and support needed for super success is a much smarter, more fun and quicker way of working, more sustainable without causing burnout!

She Enjoys Life Foundation (SELF)

The She-Enjoys Life Foundation (SELF) is a newly founded not for profit organisation bringing together business women of the world who want to help passionate charity creators
 to start and have success by providing them with business skills, marketing and admin services, support, coaching, mentoring and encouragement.

We need your help to help them.

Mindset For Business Bootcamp

The 12 week INTENSIVE Online Bootcamp for people like you who know they need more skills, more accountability, more support, more inspiration, more business, more success and more joy! 

Intensive Coaching, Training, Mentoring and arse kicking Accountability from a world-class provocative mindset for business coach.

Success Summits

World class speaker educators unite for a full, high energy day to bring the latest innovation, skills and knowledge to your doorstep. Helping you succeed with the right mindset, sales, marketing and business strategy. 

Includes a networking lunch and lots of special offers and freebies. 

Breakthrough Laser Coaching

Beliefs, behaviours, self-talk, lack of direction, procrastination, self-doubt, business skill gaps, branding, sales capability, public speaking, pricing, marketing messages, confidence, fear and anxiety are a few of the things I help people to breakthrough with laser precision.

Whatever you are feeling and experiencing and keeping yourself stuck with, I can and WILL help you shift in 2 hours of intensive laser coaching and mentoring. 

Business can be a lonely place…
I know, I’ve been there!

Working every hour possible, exhausted and still not succeeding

Overwhelmed by marketing, pricing and sales processes

So busy doing your thing, that you haven't got time to be MD

Awkward clients, non-paying clients, or not enough clients

Tricky decisions and lack of support

Lack of creativity and inspiration caused by desperation

Money and mindset blocks creating repeat sabotage behaviours

Beating yourself up for procrastinating or getting side tracked

Feeling like you are living groundhog day, as an imposter and not moving forward

Going for lots of coffee and not making as much money as you did in your last job

Watching other women seem to be thriving when you are just about surviving

Wondering if you should do as your friends and family say and go and get another job!

Sound familiar? Sadly, the list goes on… 

You have ‘Why’ questions that need answering. You need more clients, or better clients who pay you what you are truly worth. You want inspiration and tools, systems and methods that you can ‘apply today’ to guarantee that you earn regular income and can actually enjoy running a successful business. You want to enjoy it most of the time and be able to pay yourself and say with your head held high that you are succeeding and are a good business woman!
You can.

Why this business you may ask?

I enjoy all areas of business, I enjoy meeting new people, I enjoy communicating, I enjoy helping people to find their way in life and I REALLY enjoy eating lunch with individuals who see the world as a place of opportunity and fun!

Over the years, I have worked for small and big companies in a variety of sales, finance, marketing and management roles and also started, sold and am still running a variety of small businesses, mainly focused these days around helping people to improve their skills, their earning potential and career through intuitive life and business coaching using NLP and spiritual direction.

If you want to know more about me, or indeed would like to chat, please connect with me on social media, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I’m always happy to make new friends and acquaintances! I look forward to hearing from you… 

What women think, experience and say…

“In the six months that I have had Vivienne as a coach, my mindset has shifted for my business. She continually challenges me to focus, question and most importantly, take action in order for my business to grow. If you want to grow your business and learn to think ‘outside the box’ then Vivienne is definitely the coach for you!”

Yasmin Ali

Helping HR and Training Managers reduce their stress through creative craft and online courses, Beadeze

“I highly recommend breakthough sessions with Vivienne. These sessions helped me unlock what had been going on in my subconcious mind, literally for years! Old feelings of fear and anxiety that kept me stuck are now being replaced with excitement about moving forward and making positive changes.”

Clare Crouch

Natural Nutrition & Wellness Coach, Vibrantly Healthy

“So today I had a breakthrough! I let go of something I had been thinking for 41 years and it felt utterly liberating. This negative thinking was impeding me and was absolutely untrue. I managed this with the guidance of the fabulous Vivienne Joy and a group of super supportive mindset-resetters. I had never heard of NLP, but I now think it’s incredibly powerful. I keep wondering what I can break the cycle of next!”

Abbi Head

Designer, Amoreantos

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