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She-Enjoys MONEY? Do you? Or is it a bit of struggle in your business and life? 

Not charging, earning, investing, spending? You are not alone. Come and get it sorted for FREE!

Join me for 3 fun packed, deep dive days to unblock your money beliefs and habits to joyfully earn more! We start on 2nd June, so put 7pm in your diary for 3 nights from then and I’ll see you there!

We kick off this intensive on Wednesday  2nd June 2021 at 7pm (UK time)

FREE Programme starts in:

You know that things need to change! 
You are scared to charge more, scared to be more visible, scared to follow up or ask for the sale, scared to invest in yourself. 
You can’t even imagine earning more and are feeling less successful and more poor by the month… 

You’re stuck on how you get the clients you need, where to find them, how you show up and serve them with confidence, basically a feast and famine, struggling to earn money consistently. 

Time to change? Yes, it is. I’ll help you for free.

When I first started on my mission, I thought I was a money mindset coach, until I realised that passionate women RARELY do business for money; they do business to make a difference to their own life, to gain freedom and choices and often to find and carry out their vocation in the world.

Money is so heavily linked with self-worth, which is why we need to reset your money mindset before teaching you a joyful earning skillset!

You can’t feel freedom and joy if you are fearful of not having enough. Read that again and feel it. Fear and joy can’t operate in the same person at the same time!

 Money is what we need, a fact. To feel safely supportedand secure enough to expand, serve at a higher level and truly enjoy who we are inside – instead of the ‘fear based’ version that we often show up as in life.

 If you have no clients, you have no business. If you have no repeat clients, or no client acquisition strategy, you have no long-term business or consistent income, which equals a constant fear state, where you don’t even like your own self talk or behaviour! Sorry, not sorry for being such a realist. It’s why I get my provocative reputation!

Time to change? Yes, it is… I’ll help you for free.

Why join the programme?

Day 1 Reality Check

Where are you REALLY financially and how long have you been there? Too long? Let’s discover the TRUE impact on your life so far and what needs to change immediately.

Day 2 Journey So Far

A dive into your past, beliefs, conditioning, self talk and behaviours.

Where it all came from and whether it is even who you are these days!

Day 3 Future Impact

Taking a look at the future with your current money conditioning and deciding what is a better way for you and the difference it will make to your life, business and joy!

Dani King Jan 2021
Wellingborough Wills

Have you done Viv’s money Mindset Reset, it changed my life!! If not, you need to go deeper on it – do the next one – it will change a lot for you.
I think I cried every week – but the difference in me in a year is huge.

I have almost tripled my income in 12 months – but the biggest change is what I do with it.

I value our work so much more than I did – won’t do things now that I would before, outsource things I know cost less than our worth. I am also more free with how I spend. I no longer think of self-care as expensive, or a luxury – go for massages (when open) monthly, I buy the food I want to eat, not the cheapest options. I gifted lots of things I could have sold because I didn’t need the money, I gave to homeless charity!

Yesterday, a local takeaway that’s been giving free food to those struggling in these times, had a scam call for £95 worth of food – I offered to cover the cost of that for them as a gesture. None of this I could have done without the money mindset work. I can do much more to help and give to others than I could before, because I had to cling on to every single penny.

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