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This community is all about YOU and your business! To learn, scale & enjoy… 

I’m known as the connector, facilitator and the host; bringing in powerful and knowledgeable experts to help you learn, grow, connect and thrive with like minded women. She-Enjoys®®!

Vivienne Joy NLP MasterCoach

I’m a very sociable person who loves life, hence my community is called She-Enjoys®® – Joy by name, joy by nature!

My friends, clients and incredible Coaching peers would class me as a driven, influential entrepreneur with a MASSIVE legacy vision. It is fair to say, I’ve already created a lifelong business that I love and enjoy being in every day of my life and in Feb 2020 I launched my She-Enjoys®® Life Foundation to give back. If you do what you enjoy, you never work a day in your life!

Why it all began… I found, through years of business networking and personal development events; those I enjoyed the most and got the most value from weren’t those that just talked about business, or met stupidly early every morning with forced referrals… I liked the fun, high energy gatherings where I got to hear about the REALITY of owners successes, failures and challenges to ignite inspiration in me and my business. Where I could share, care and explore possibilities and make true business friends. I wanted to create something unique and started working out how!

I started very young in business…

Like many of my business idols, I started work very young. By 14, I was successfully selling via party plan (home co-ordinates and jewellery), working as a Waitress in a carvery and on Saturdays in a shoe shop (I still love food, shoes, jewellery and home co-ordinates!). My Dad wasn’t too happy about ferrying me around, but I soon worked out that I liked to keep my mind busy and feel successful, plus I have expensive taste! There was no way I was going to end up with the limited funds that my parents had when I reached retirement age. I was not going to live their poverty story!

My Dad was a true grafter… He was working the day before he died at 74 as a building contracts manager. He loved work, but did so the hard way and not the smart way.

My Mum never worked and didn’t drive a car… She did however support, encourage and empower me. She helped me drive my career; always saying “You’ll never be successful if you work for someone else – start your own business – be your own boss!” I guess the internet brought opportunities to me that simply didn’t exist in their days. Sadly, it wasn’t until their death in 2002 and 2003, that I decide life was very bloody short and I should follow my dreams (or theirs for me) as quickly as I could… I like to think they are smiling with me as they watch my life unfold, saying ‘You go girl, show them what you’re made of!’ And I absolutely am!

I didn’t go to University, I HATED school and knew I’d hate Uni! I wanted to earn money and learn how business worked. I made sure I found out… Over the years, I was determined and worked hard for small family owned businesses into senior management roles and big companies such as Volvo and American Express in sales, finance, marketing and project roles. All the time, I seemed to intuitively see the bigger picture of the business I was employed by, so much so that I then started to be Director, General Manager and then realised I would never be happy until I was Managing Director where I didn’t follow, but was the leader!

In 2002, I needed something other than drinking and drugs to focus on to recover from being orphaned and in such painful grief through the worst 8 months of my life, I started my first .com business. The internet was relatively new and so was I. We learnt together. I did some cracking deals with International manufacturers and imported and sold online; sugar free, diabetic and low carb products to supply the every growing followers of the Atkins Diet. It was an amazing journey of failures and success in equal measure. I made quarter of a million in sales in my first year from my bedroom and set the trend for being a SIX Figure success, one that I would follow with every business that followed.

I sold that first business in 2007 and helped many other businesses reach their potential as a Business Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Interim MD and Strategist until I started Vivico Recruitment in 2012, where I had a team of 5 people, lovely little offices and of course, 6 figure sales in year one! I loved business networking whilst my service delivery team worked hard at keeping customers happy. I was regularly seen at breakfasts, lunches and dinners as the Speaker and as a spectator. I built my business one meal at a time! 

Through the years…

In 2015, I was sick of being locked out of women’s only networking, so I started a packed out monthly event in Northamptonshire called ‘She-Enjoys®® Coffee, Cake & Coaching’. Little did I know that I would train, coach and enjoy the company of over 700 business women over the next 3 years until the events went online and are still a monthly fixture with a theme. They are now ‘first one for free’ so check out the events section and come along to one. I also hold FREE monthly MEGA networking on Zoom with breakout rooms, come along, I’d love to meet you.

In 2016, I was having a lot of one to one coffee meet ups where business owners were looking for support. I had also completed 18 months of expensive, intensive NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and MasterCoach Training so I had more than just intuition and skills, I had tools, methods and certifications to launch my coaching business. Aged 44, I found my true passion. At last. I made it my mission to travel the world to learn the things that many other women couldn’t leave families to do. I brought amazing trainers to an event I created called ‘She-Learns’ face to face masterclasses. Great fun implementing together!

In 2017, I found a new way! I’d been having incredible results with lots of breakthrough coaching one to one sessions helping women with mindset, confidence, creative strategies, sales, marketing and much more… and was being asked to create something deeper and ‘ongoing’. So I launched my signature programme ‘She-Thrives Transformation Tribe’ which is still going strong and has a waiting list. I found my tribe and my vibe. The founding members of my tribe are now founding members of my foundation, we are the pillars of a VERY strong, progressive community.  

In 2018, my in person monthly events grew up into She-Enjoys®® Summits to welcome Global expert speakers and bigger audiences in the world famous Wicksteed Park, Kettering, where I spent much of childhood. Little did I know when I used to peer through the windows as a child, that I would be a professional speaker on the stage, empowering, inspiring and motivating women to be the best of themselves.

In 2019, I became an award winning, self published Author with my first book ‘The Mindset For Business’ with self coaching cards to help you create the mindset and foundations for a successful business. This then triggered more people wanting deep dive weekly coaching to bring to life the book lessons and so was born The Mindset For Business Bootcamp, which is still going strong and helping women to really step up with the skills and confidence needed to be successful.

My business grew…

I also started delivering FREE 7 Day Mindset Resets to hundreds to give back to the small business community that I will always feel connected to, even when I’m earning millions for my foundation. We went hard and fast, with full daily immersion on mindset and skillset subjects such as; money, beliefs, procrastination, self sabotage and selling. These programmes are still available as digital downloads for just £97, they will change your life! I run them every now and then again, so watch out!

In 2020, whilst the world was in chaos, I then launched my membership training platform with LIVE weekly support, The She-Enjoys®® Academy is my life’s work, where all my training materials, masterclasses and programmes live with a strong community platform. My mission is to have 1,000 women there, all doing business and collaborating with each other.

She-Escapes UK was also born in late 2020 in synergy with one of my original Thrive Tribe members, Susan Royle who is the yoga to my mindset and we were lucky for a break in lockdown where 10 of us really did escape to a secret location in sunny Somerset. April 2021 retreat sold out in 2 days and we will soon be releasing dates of others. 

My life today is a very different picture that the only child of compulsive gambling parents. I live with the woman of my dreams and our fur babies, in our dream house in Norfolk. I spend every day coaching, training and mentoring business women; watching them have lightbulb moments as they realise what they are truly capable of. I am about to launch a 12 month Mastermind and I get emails and messages of joyful thanks daily as I sit writing my honest autobiographical book for release 21 April 2021 called ‘She-Empowers Herself’. Watch this space! 

If you want to know more about me, or indeed would like to chat, please connect with me on all social media platforms where I am still able to accept friends/followers. I'm always happy to make new business friends! I look forward to hearing from you...

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