Are you keeping yourself stuck in business (and life) by not sorting out your crap behaviours and beliefs around money?

This one to one Money Mindset Reset Intensive Programme is truly life changing. Not just shifting money, but everything!

We explore the 7 key elements you need to discover, understand, release, and reset in order to have lasting mindset change.

Resetting can only happen when you know precisely what you are resetting. Part of that process is finding the root cause, understanding its’ origin, and original ‘protective purpose’ and power in your life up until now. Getting clarity and insight IS THE WORK, it allows the unconscious mind to gain new perspective, make a powerful decision to release the old belief, in order to update and be reset.

One to one intensive coaching

7 x 30 min private mindset coaching sessions £597 or 2 payments of £298.50

Typically, this kind of powerful transformational mindset shift work with less experienced or committed professionals, Coaches and Therapists would take months and even years. My NLP laser coaching and intuitive, provocative style uncovers the core areas keeping blocks, negative self-talk, self-sabotage, low self-worth and poverty mindset. My system allows you to gain YOUR OWN personal insights and changes – they come from you, not me!

What we cover:

Week 1
Your Past

Investigating your earliest memories, scars and how they created your money map

Week 2
Your Now

Growing up that ‘child money map’, how does it rule you now in life and business

Week 3
Your Normal

Discovering your safe ceiling and floor and shifting them to make space 

Week 4
Your Family

What is the family history and current reality and are you staying in rapport to fit in? 

Week 5
Your Behaviour

How are you wrecking yourself and your success to keep within your safety zone?

Week 6
Your Future

Resetting your mind to be set for different outcomes and feelings around money

Week 7
Money & Your Business

Your pricing, profits, structure, flow and security. Creating your best business for life…


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Steph Beeston-Clarke

One to one intensive coaching

7 x 30 min private mindset coaching sessions £597 or 2 payments of £298.50

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