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Hello, I’m Vivienne Joy… Your Mindset Transformation Coach & Business Skills Trainer.

 I help women all over the world to get out of their own way and the enjoy the ability in their life, career and business!

How do people get stuck? How did you get stuck?

The beliefs you mapped out for yourself through experiences, thoughts and fears, through the formative years has created your rule book for life. They’re called schemas schemes of how to act and behave in all situations. From simple things like how to sit on a chair, to more complicated emergencies, like how to skid out of a car crash.

These schemas rule your self-talk, behaviours and results. Mostly they are as we need and we don’t even think about them… but sometimes, a ‘higher source of information and power’ (think parents, teachers, cool kids and bullies at school) provide incorrect information, or in a time of an emotional and altered state (being bullied) and you tell yourself something that isn’t true… Your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference and believes EVERYTHING YOU TELL IT, so it then gets added to the rulebook as ‘true for life’… Until I come along and help you break your own rules and get out of your own way!

By understanding and challenging these schemas, we can re-programme your mind to get what you really want, with ease. Twin this NLP mindset mastery work with business mentoring, business skills and a growing support network of collaborators and like minded business owning women – it means I can really help you and your business, and as fast as you want it to happen.

My true passion is the small business community – I live it and love it. I’ve created and managed multiple 6 figure and above businesses and have Coached, Mentored, Trained, Consulted and Recruited in a vast array of industry sectors and countries. I live to educate, motivate, shift and inspire – I’m literally addicted to helping people breakthrough and achieve results for themselves and their business.

Do you need to breakthrough?

As you are reading this, I’m thinking you possibly believe you do! Let me help!

You can click and join my supportive Facebook Group, where I hold my FREE Coffee, Cake & Coaching event on the first Tuesday of every month, or work with me one to one, online and face to face…

£200 for an hour of 'Laser Phone Coaching' or a 2 hour 'Breakthrough Session' for £400 - Email me to arrange.

Through the intensive transformation 3 or 6 month ALL-IN, One to One programme from £450-£1500 per month - Email me to apply.

The 'One Year' She-Thrives Tribe Group Programme is 12 like minded women in powerful monthly intensive group day + one to one power hour and secret Facebook group for unlimited support. Just £249 per month for 12 months...

So why work with me?

I’m not just a highly qualified MasterCoach, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, I’ve been in business for 24 years. I’ve had all the highs and lows and lessons you could imagine.

A regular on the UK networking, coaching, mentoring and public speaking circuit; I meet business owners every day. I’ve noticed that we all have a few things in common… We need sales, we need to know the latest marketing trends, we need to keep motivated and develop our skills, we need inspiration and ideas and sometimes, it’s lonely, we get scared, stuck and confused and we need support to overcome personal and business challenges to achieve goals – and often we don’t believe we can afford or deserve support and help and therefore stay stuck and miserable!

My soon to be released book and power coaching cards, are real life, self-help and personal development tools delivered to your doorstep. Easy to use modules to help you shift your beliefs, thinking, behaviours and results in vital areas of life and business twinned with Power Coaching Cards as a quick help tool. CLICK HERE to order yours.

My She-Enjoys vision was born in March 2015 and is going from strength to strength with Group Coaching, Success Summit, the online Masterplans Programme and my exclusive She-Thrives programme. That’s lots of women, helping lots of women, making friends with like minded people and a busy FREE Facebook group so that members can support, hold accountabilities and communicate between monthly meetings 24/7! If you are a business woman, join us, you’ll love it! 

We know the benefit of time out of the business, to work ON the business (and ourselves, which is essentially the same thing).

We have fun (no stuffy hand clapping or formalities), we eat, we drink coffee, we learn from experts on a different business theme each month, we give each other ideas and inspiration and support the tough times in life and business. We’re a team of business leaders and managers helping each other. It stops us getting lonely or feeling lost.

Our aim is to provide a motivational, inspirational, confidential space (online and in person) for business owners to bring their work and life challenges, share their concerns and ideas to be truly heard, learn new commercial skills, find strategic solutions and most importantly get unconditional support from like minded women locally and Nationally. A truly integrated, sharing female community helping each other to be successful in work and life.

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