Intensive personal development & business empowerment for women. Enjoy life changing events, online group coaching, skills training & mentoring with 

Are you a business woman who wants to thrive rather than survive?

Need a mindset update, some REAL sales, marketing and strategy skills training with ‘no escape’ accountability and loving support?

Welcome to She-Thrives, it’ll change your life, guaranteed!

12 talented, committed women meet monthly for a Deep Dive Thrive Day in Northants

We learn together, laugh together, cry together, change together and support each other

Intensive tasks to challenge core outdated beliefs, self-talk and behaviours

Fun learning new business skills, sharing ideas, problem solving, and planning

As you look at these pictures of the She-Thrives Tribe, what do you see and feel? Support, connection, intensity, joy, laughter and more.  There’s a very good reason for that. Each member has applied and been hand chosen to work together for 12 intensive months. It is a rolling programme, so some had just started, others there from day one and staying. The certainty that comes from working in a powerful group has to be tried to be believed!

Due to the success of this intensive, one year programme, which also includes and hour of one to one coaching and a secret Facebook group, I am starting a second Tribe. This is an exclusive invitation to be part of it for just £249 per month.

This programme isn’t for everyone. If you want to commit, do the work and allow the change, then is definitely for you. Please apply.

Make this the year you shift your thinking, believing and achieving to change your world! You deserve to feel success, earn profit, have balance and experience the joy of your business, otherwise whats the bloody point?

How have the last 12 months gone for you? I mean the truth, not what people tell you at events…

Have you been working on your own personal development to get out of your own way?

Lacking a bit in clarity, ideas, direction and accountability, therefore procrastinating?

Progress slow and a bit painful at times, fearful of really pushing forward?

Are you worrying about money and where to find enough clients to pay yourself?

Do you wonder if you'll ever achieve the elusive work/life balance?

Having trouble standing out from the crowd or establishing yourself in your market?

Confused by all the advice, coaches, marketeers and online platforms?

Know you should/could be doing more, but just can't find the time or motivation?

Fearful that you're not charging correctly, or making the most of opportunities?

Maybe you have achieved your original goals and need to know what next...

Whatever you need, I’m most certainly the one to help you! Introducing my intensive, exclusive She-Thrives 1 year business evolution and personal development programme to get you out of your own way!

Your business should ‘mostly’ feel like blissful joy, with clients you value and a flow of prospects and money certainty…

Your business should and can give you what you want and need in every way. If it isn’t, then you are just
in a stressful, underpaid job where you are the boss and worker and can’t take a break!

I remember it well! In 2003, when I started my first 6 figure business, this was me – and then some!
Oh how I wish I’d have met the current me, then; with this 15 years experience of creating multiple 6 figure businesses for myself and other people, MasterCoaching skills, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, NLP Hypnotherapy certifications, marketing, sales, process, finance and years of painful and joyful business experience!

Back then (and still now), I needed someone with which to bounce ideas, to ground me or lift me, give me a push, question my ridiculous fears, beliefs and behaviours and instill some confidence to go for it!
Back then, I thought I knew it all and was doing all I could – I look back with fondness for her and wished she’d have got a Coach or Mentor. I really didn’t understand my own potential, or that of my business, in fact I closed it and went and got a job. I didn’t even know I needed to get out of my own way and that there was a better way!

Don’t be the 30 year old me! I’m here for you if you REALLY want better for yourself, your life and your business.

Hopefully, you already know me; may be you’ve attended a famous She-Enjoys event, had one to one provocative transformational coaching, are enjoying my Online She-Enjoys Academy, or are a member of one of my many Facebook Support groups…

If you don’t know me; you soon will. I’m very real, with swearing and all. I’m transparent, have emotions, fuck up and celebrate success with my clients as if it were my own – I care.

I care and believe so strongly, that I’ll give you absolute certainty with a money back guarantee!
£249 per month for an intensive year to thrive. If you need to get there, this is how!
If you are not happy, or haven’t received what you need from me and the Thrive Tribe,
you can have your money back – I’m that sure! Think about how you earn £249, is it one new client, 2 or 3 products, a new contract or less wine! We’ll soon have you earning more, believing more and probably charging more. You’ll look back at this version of you, who is thinking that way about money and you’ll remember her fondly.

For those of you that like detail, the programme includes:-

Monthly full immersion 'Thrive day' with a hand chosen group of 12 who enjoy training, group coaching, mentoring and accountability; intense personal development, business skills, practical strategies and processes. Everything you need for your business! (Includes a chosen lunch)

One to one Power Hour coaching & mentoring support call with me

Secret Facebook support group with your She-Thrives Tribe

Need more detail?

This is a structured and intuitive blend of mindset coaching, business skills classroom style training and bespoke creative mentoring to get you believing and achieving the goals you create and bring to life. It’s full on; and that doesn’t include whatever you and I achieve through the monthly power hour 1:1 sessions. Here’s what we’ll be covering as a minimum…

  • Overcoming negative self talk & sabotage behaviours
  • Belief overhaul to support your success with ease
  • Confidence with confidence & power state building
  • Act as if… NLP modelling excellence your way
  • Your ‘REAL’ why – your true life purpose & vision
  • Your ‘REAL’ what – your unique power of one
  • Your ‘REAL’ who – finding & building your tribe
  • Your ‘EFFORTLESS’ how – getting into flow


  • Aligning mind, gut and heart to the mission and getting on with it!
  • Bringing vision boards to life & positive mindset
  • Deciding the metrics of REAL success & how to keep it
  • Putting together the ‘feel committed’ plan
  • Multi-level marketing strategy made easy
  • Get a customer to create a lifelong client & raving fan
  • Pricing – Stop discounting & know your worth
  • Are you trading time or creating change
  • Seducing your prospects to come to you -attraction marketing
  • Making sales & closing without selling and the ickyness
  • Presenting, networking & public speaking whilst feeling fab
  • Writing seductive copy and creating offers that win business
  • Making money and monitoring it – £10, £100 and £500 tasks
  • Work/life balance YOUR WAY
  • Making it work for good! See it, believe it, enjoy it!

Spaces limited to 12, so apply below to be chosen today!


11 + 6 =